The idea behind THE GIN has always been to create three premium coffee-themed gins. Since we have already used the coffee beans for THE COFFEE GIN, we now want to exploit the husk of the coffee berry as well. THE CASCARA GIN contains 12 carefully selected, premium ingredients. Besides the essential botanical Cascara, we also use juniper, orange, and apple, as well as hibiscus to complement its unique flavor.


„Cáscara“ is the Spanish word for „peel”. In our case, Cascara refers to the outer husk of the coffee cherry that is wrapped around the coffee bean. Coffee, as we know it and brew, is only the seed from the fruit. After the harvest, the coffee beans are separated from the skin and roasted. On our carefully selected plantation, this skin is gently dried and later used for THE CASCARA GIN. Due to its soft bitterness, Cascara contributes to the unique taste of THE CASCARA GIN.


When it comes to juniper, we noticed a tremendous difference in quality. For THE CASCARA GIN we solely use organic juniper from Tuscany. The large, ripe berries are distilled in small batches; therefore, they only have a short storage period—the result: fresh, intense juniper flavor and a peculiar oily consistency in the glass.


Juicy, organic oranges give THE CASCARA GIN its balanced acerbity. Besides the zest, we also use the juice of the oranges.


Apples account for a balanced fruity flavor.


The hibiscus blossoms contribute to a delicate acidic, fruity-fresh flavor.