Fine products start with the selection of premium ingredients.
When it comes to the essential botanical, the coffee, we only rely on the best quality. For THE COFFEE GIN, we use a total of 10 ingredients, most of which are organic. Orange, vanilla, and hibiscus flower, and juniper from Tuscany complete the unique taste and go perfectly with Colombian coffee.


The coffee sets the tone. We only use 100 % handpicked Arabica beans from a small coffee plantation in southern Colombia. Colombian Arabica coffee is one of the few single-origin coffees renowned for its outstanding quality all around the world.

We use hand-picked Arabica beans from the Nariño region in the south of Colombia. Volcanic rocks, mountains, the location near the sea, and the associated climatic conditions make the coffee particularly aromatic. Due to the hillside location and the manageable size of the growing area, all berries are picked by hand.

Only the mature, red coffee beans are going to be picked by the workers. Mainly by hand, the coffee berries are then being cracked, the husk of the two coffee seeds removed, washed by hand, and dried on the ground. Before the beans are packed into jute bags, they are sorted out again by hand. Only whole, healthy beans are getting packed. This complex process guarantees the best quality and is significantly different compared to the production of conventional coffee.

After arriving at the roastery in Austria, the beans are being rechecked for quality, and only the perfect beans are going to be roasted. We developed our own extra gentle and slow roasting process for THE COFFEE GIN, which gives the beans their characteristic chocolaty note. To achieve an even roasting, we only roast small batches of 20 kg max. Shortly after roasting the beans, we put coffee beans several times in the gin batch before distilling them. This way, the smell and taste of the coffee blends into the gin and unfolds upon opening the bottle.


We only use organic juniper from Tuscany. Large, ripe berries are distilled in small batches and, therefore, short storage period—the result: fresh, intense juniper flavor and a peculiar oily consistency in the glass.


Oranges are ranked among the most popular citrus fruits. Juicy, organic oranges give our GIN its balanced acerbity. Besides the zest, we also use the juice of the oranges.


There is no replacement for the complex, intense original from nature. Organic vanilla blends perfectly with the chocolatey coffee aroma and organic oranges.


Hibiscus is a genus of the mallow family and comprises over 200 species. The blossoms contribute to a delicate acidic, fruity-fresh flavor.