Just like the production of coffee, gin production is also a highly complex and comprehensive topic. We have developed an innovative and sustainable production process that makes our COFFEE GIN so unique. We do not simply mix finished coffee with gin but put coffee beans several times in the gin batch before distilling. THE COFFEE GIN does not only combine coffee with gin but also exclusivity with passion.

THE roasting

Quality takes time – For THE COFFEE GIN, we have developed a particularly gentle roasting method that allows the beans to caramelize slowly and emphasize their chocolaty flavor. To achieve an even roasting, we only roast in small batches of 20 kg max. Apart from that, temperature and length also play a decisive role here. This method allows the coffee to take the time it needs to build a variety of toasted aromas without burning.

To preserve the essential oils, we put coffee beans several times in the gin batch before distilling them. Due to this method, both the smell and taste of the coffee blend into the gin and unfold upon opening the bottle.

THE distillation

We produce our gin in small batches of 500 bottles each. The copper still carries only 20 liters.  This way, our gin develops an intense aroma with a softly balanced flavor. Next, we separate the middle run from the feint at a high concentration, making our gin even more aromatic. Without artificial aroma and natural spring water from our own deep well, we reduce the gin to the desired strength of 47 Vol%