Life is screaming for special moments. For a gin of incomparable quality. For THE GIN, to be precise. Unique, not only in taste but also in its production.


For connoisseurs and coffee lovers

The best of two worlds. We love coffee. So much that we dedicated a unique GIN to it. But what is it that makes THE COFFEE GIN so unique? We do not only mix cold brew coffee with gin but put coffee beans in the gin batch several times before distilling. THE COFFEE GIN combines handpicked, gently roasted coffee beans from Colombia and the finest organic ingredients to herald a new generation of gin. Full-bodied taste combined with a unique finish –  Our gin convinces, especially due to its delicate hints of juniper. THE COFFEE GIN guarantees pleasure with every sip.

Der Kaffee

Handverlesene Arabica Bohnen aus dem Süden Kolumbiens. Schonend geröstet mit einem Hauch von Schokolade.

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Die Wacholderbeere

Wir verwenden ausschließlich biologischen Wacholder aus der Toskana.

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Die Orange

Bio Orangen verleihen unserem GIN eine ausgewogene Säure.

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Die Vanille

Bio Vanille harmoniert perfekt mit dem schokoladigen Kaffeearoma und Bio Orangen.

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What others say about us

Steffen from @ginstu1909
"To me, this is the best and most authentic coffee gin. This gin keeps its promises, and one can truly taste the high-class quality coffee. A dream."
Marc from @derbaertige_
"To me, this is the most complex and exciting coffee gin I've ever drunk. An absolutely well-crafted product."
Rajita from @Ginthanni
„A perfect blend of two perfect ingredients: coffee and orange. I am truly proud of having this as part of my collection. An unusual but magnificent one.“
Manu from @gin_liebe
"A must-have for coffee junkies. A well-implemented Gin which offers the exact "taste adventure" that we were hoping for."
Jennifer from @gintime_with_jane
"Espresso Martini is yesterday's news. Intensive coffee pleasure, a must-have for the coffee lovers among gin lovers."
Mika from @ginloverfinland
„As someone who does not drink coffee, I was really positively surprised by the taste of The Coffee Gin. The aroma of coffee mixed with juniper aftertaste - well done!“
Frederik from @ginmops
„This gin makes a perfect negroni”
„A surprising gin – the best of two worlds”
Niklas from @ginfektion
„THE COFFEE GIN from THE GIN is currently the best coffee gin I know of”
Daniela from
“My first coffee gin is setting the bar high. Great taste! It’s a real pity that you can’t have it for breakfast.
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