THE CASCARA GIN interprets our love of coffee in a whole new way. Over a year of development is a testament to our dedication and attention to detail in creating a perfectly matched drinking experience. From the beginning, our idea was to create three high-quality and exclusive gins in bronze, silver and gold around the theme of coffee.

Cascara comes from the Spanish and actually means something like husk or shell. In our case, the dried husk of the coffee cherry. This is the red fruit that encloses the raw coffee bean. For this, the fruit is sun-dried after being separated from the coffee bean. Cascara is a sustainable and economically valuable product. The exceptional taste of Cascara and the possibility of taking the art of gin making to a new level were our inspiration.

Our recipe contains only carefully selected and high quality ingredients. Choosing the best ingredients is crucial to the quality of THE CASCARA GIN and makes it a true experience. The dried peel of the coffee cherry combines with 11 other perfectly matched ingredients to create an intense taste experience.

With THE CASCARA GIN, we have succeeded in creating a masterpiece that can convince both in terms of taste and appearance. The rich pink color makes you want to try it. This color comes from the red, fleshy skin of the coffee fruit. THE CASCARA GIN is more than just a gin, it is an adventure that seeks its equal.


THE CASCARA GIN has already been rewarded with several awards and gin awards. For example, THE CASCARA GIN may call itself the best Contemporary Style Gin in Austria in the World Gin Awards 2022. Here you can find more awards and reviews.