The premium coffee gin with 100 % hand-picked Arabica coffee beans

Our love for coffee has inspired us to create a gin that links the two flavors, coffee and gin. The development process of our coffee gin was anything but easy. To retrieve the best taste possible of the botanicals, we have invested time, engagement, and know-how into the production process. The first challenge we faced to create our coffee gin consisted of hunting for the right ingredients since our primary focus is on quality and exclusivity. How should we combine two seemingly contradictory products? How do we get the coffee beans into the gin without creating an artificial taste? Various compositions have been created, tried, and discarded until we have finally arrived at today’s THE COFFEE GIN.

At last, we have found the right ingredients, developed a unique way of production, and created a suitable appearance. The result has entirely exceeded our expectations. THE COFFEE GIN does not only combine coffee with gin but also exclusivity with passion. Accuracy, love for details, and a sense of quality have enabled us to create a coffee gin that goes beyond the target group of coffee lovers. We have created a unique fusion of flavors that allows both components to be distinguished from one another without being intrusive. Our coffee gin is the first of its kind and unmistakable in taste.


THE COFFEE GIN has already been rewarded with many awards and gin awards. The renowned gourmet magazine Falstaff has awarded THE COFFEE GIN with a terrific 92 points. Here you can find more awards and reviews.


Different layers of ginger, chocolate, malt, and espresso. At first, round with dried cocoa, then significantly spicy with pepper. Suitable straight on ice.“

THE COFFEE GIN was awarded sublime 92 points by the renowned gourmet magazine Falstaff.